Vietnamese consumers willing to pay more for safe foods

HANOI — About four out of five Vietnamese consumers are willing to spend more on food produced from materials labelled safe and environmentally friendly, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen Vietnam.

Survey results released on Wednesday showed that brands which commit to selling green and safe products reported a growth rate of 4 per cent in recent years.

Dang Thuy Ha from Nielsen Vietnam said that to increase competitiveness, companies should pay more attention to building green brands.

Enterprises should build consumers’ confidence in their brands through fulfilling their social and environmental responsibilities and by putting consumers’ health at the centre of product development.

Vu Xuan Truong from the Institute for Brand and Competitiveness Strategy said that ‘green’ products are giving many enterprises a competitive edge.

He said that enterprises should employ energy-efficient technologies, fulfill their social responsibilities and protect the environment to build green brands.

However, there are still challenges facing Vietnamese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized businesses, which lack funds to invest in green products while having to balance the goals of profit and green growth.

In addition, there are a wide range of green technologies in the world but their use in Vietnam is limited because in some cases employees at enterprises are unqualified to use technologies transferred to them. — VNS