More Filipinos went jobless, sought more working hours in June

MANILA, Philippines — The proportion of unemployed Filipinos rose in June, while the quality of available jobs worsened, state statisticians reported Wednesday.

There were 2.33 million Filipinos who were either jobless or out of business in June, higher than the 2.17 million unemployed persons recorded in May, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed.

This translates to an unemployment rate of 4.5% in June, rising from 4.3% posted in May.

Meanwhile, there were those who managed to secure jobs but still sought longer working hours to augment their income. Data showed the number of underemployed Filipinos went up to 5.87 million in June from 5.66 million in May.

That’s equivalent to an underemployment rate of 12% in June from the preceding month’s 11.7%.

Economists have said that while the economy has reopened from pandemic lockdowns, the health crisis has caused a deep scarring in the country’s labor market wherein jobs being created are low quality and do not pay workers well amid hard times.