Thailand: Manufacturers call for rejig of clean energy laws

Manufacturers want the government to amend laws to allow them to produce and sell electricity from renewable energy sources in order to reduce dependence on expensive fossil fuels, in line with the global clean energy trend, says the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI).


Their calls for renewable energy to be promoted are based on a recent survey of 220 executives from 45 industries under the FTI.

A focus on clean energy will help manufacturers better control their electricity costs, which are increasing, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, said Montri Mahaplerkpong, vice-chairman of the FTI.

“Respondents want the government to implement new measures to facilitate entrepreneurs who want to produce electricity for use in their factories,” he said.

According to the findings, up to 34.1% of interviewees said they wanted to adopt renewable energy immediately, while 23.6% said they would need a year to shift to clean energy.

Some 29.1% said they expected renewable energy usage to be formalised within three years, and the remaining 13.2% said they needed five years to adopt clean energy.

A total of 39.4% of respondents said they believed the manufacturing sector wanted renewable energy to make up 25% of energy consumption. Another 19.5% said the renewable energy proportion should increase to 50%, while 9.5% said the proportion should go as high as 75%. Some 31.4% of the interviewees said there was no need to use renewable energy.