Thailand: Gen Y spends the most time on the net

People aged 22-41 years, the so-called Gen Y, spend the most time on the internet and they form the biggest group using it for live commerce, according to a government survey.

Chaichana Mitrpant, director of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency, said on Tuesday that 46,348 people were surveyed nationwide from April to July.

They found that Gen Y spent an average 8.55 hours a day on the net, followed by Gen Z (under 22) with 8.24hrs, Gen X (42-57) with 5.52hrs, and baby boomers (58 and over) with 3.21hrs.

On average Thai people were on the net for 7.04hrs a day. By region, people in Bangkok were online for 10.05hrs a day, followed by 6.59hrs in the Northeast, 6.45hrs in the Central Plain and 6.17hrs in the North.

Those in the South were on the net for the shortest period, 5.35hrs per day on average, according to Mr Chaichana.

By occupation, government officials spent the longest time on the net, an average 11.37hrs per day, followed by students (8.57hrs), freelancers (7.40hrs), business operators (7.29hrs) and private sector employees (7.06hrs).

By purpose, 86.16% of surveyed people used the net to seek medical treatment and advice, possibly due to Covid-19, followed by communication (65.70%), entertainment (41.51%), live commerce (34.10%), financial transactions (31.29%), news, columns and e-books (29.51%), email (26.62%), shopping (24.55%), work and meetings (20.67%) and games (18.75%).

The survey also found that Gen Y formed 64.65% of viewers of live commerce on the net, and most of them watched it to buy clothing, shoes, sports gear and adornments.