Myanmar allowed to entry of Thai cargo trucks at Myawaddy trade zone to normalize commodity flow

Amid Covid-19 restrictions between bilateral BCF zones, Myanmar has allowed cargo trucks from Thailand to come up to Myawady trade zone as of November 23 under the instruction of the Kayin State government to facilitate commodity flow.

 “Our trade activities are a main thing. Currently, bilateral trade activities are being carried out between the BCF zones. Exchange of goods at one place causes trade delays. If Covid cases emerge, the whole BCF zone has to be locked down stopping trade completely. So, the statement government has allowed Thai cargo trucks to come to Myawady trade zone starting 6 am on November 23,” Myawady District Commissioner Tay Zar Aung.

Since October 11, cargo trucks from both countries had been allowed to exchange goods only in the BCF Zone Cargo compound at Myawady-Mae Sot No (2) Friendship Bridge. Consequently, trade volume has decreased significantly at the start of this fiscal year, according to trade data from the Ministry of Commerce. 

Although Myanmar cargo trucks have yet to be allowed to enter Thailand, trucks from that country now have the chance to come up to Myawady trade zone as of November 23. Merchants have hoped that this will save cost, minimize loss and wastage and facilitate commodity flow. 

Source: https://elevenmyanmar.com/news/myawady-trade-zone-allows-entry-of-thai-cargo-trucks-to-normalize-commodity-flow