More Philippines workers feel job burnout

MANILA, Philippines — More Filipino employees feel burnout at work compared to regional counterparts, despite rating their mental health as good or excellent, according to a study of consumer and research analytics firm Milieu Insight and mental health technology firm Intellect.

The study showed 52 percent of employees in the Philippines have reported feeling burnt out from work at least a few times a month, compared to 49 percent in Singapore and Indonesia.

Conducted last July, the study covered 1,000 respondents each in the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

While numerous factors have contributed to burnout, including financial and geopolitical uncertainties and the pandemic, the study said the rise and grind mentality has also taken its toll on the region’ s workforce.

According to the study, the top reasons employees in the region work hard is because of their aim to have a better life for themselves and their loved ones (58 percent), to achieve a sense of accomplishment (53 percent), and to increase their income (50 percent).

Given this, Milieu Insight cited the urgent need for mental health support in the workplace.

While more than half of Filipino respondents reported feeling burnout, the same study showed 78 percent of the Philippine employees rated their mental health as excellent,” “very good” or “good.” This is higher than the 57 percent in Singapore and 68 percent in Indonesia.

“Employees in the Philippines do not spend many more hours at work than their regional counterparts, however they are overall more driven, engaged and satisfied at work,” said Sonia Elicia, associate director for marketing at Milieu Insight said.

According to the study, 56 percent of Filipino employees reported high engagement at work, compared to 52 percent in Indonesia and 42 percent in Singapore.

Employees in the Philippines also reported higher levels of job satisfaction at 69 percent, higher than the 60 percent regional average.

Filipino employees tend to work beyond their job requirements, even if they don’t spend more hours at work compared to their regional counterparts.

Elicia said 52 percent of employees in the Philippines said they work beyond their job requirements, compared to 38 percent in Singapore and 20 percent in Indonesia.

When asked about working overtime at least once a week, only 36 percent of employees in the Philippines said they do so, lower than the 39 percent in Singapore and 41 percent in Indonesia.

Source: https://www.philstar.com/business/2022/09/15/2209699/more-philippines-workers-feel-job-burnout