Indonesia: Startup helps ‘bring back Indonesian products’

DESCRIBED as “a platform to get travelers to bring back overseas products”, Singapore-based Airfrov has officially been launched in Indonesia. 

After operating in Singapore for one-and-a-half years, the start-up is said to see opportunities in the large number of travelers crossing Indonesian borders, dailysocial.id reported.

“This trend of bringing back overseas products is getting popular, but there are some issues concerning the conventional process, like the limited number of products that can be sent, the long duration of delivery, the payment guarantee and the high delivery fees,” said Airfrov CEO Cai Li, adding that the company wanted to offer a safer solution.

Accessible through a website and mobile app, requesters can directly post the items they want and the fees they offer. Then they simply wait for travelers to respond to the request. Airfrov will handle the payment from the requester and keep it until the items have been paid for. Travelers will receive their money after the products have arrived in the requesters’ hands.

“We are currently focusing on building the best user experience for our users in Indonesia and a strong local team to understand the people’s culture and local trends more deeply,” said Airfrov CTO Robi Ng, who is a citizen of Indonesia.

Launched in Singapore in early 2015, Airfrov is said to have more than 95,000 active users, some of whom reside in Indonesia. It has |held a soft launch event in August and claimed to have received |more than 1,000 offers from 150 travelers.

A similar service is also offered by local start-up Bistip. 

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/business/aec/30302017