Indonesia: 63 Percent Consumers Willing to Pay Premium for Green Products

TEMPO.COJakarta – A recent survey done by WWF Indonesia and Nielsen showed that 63 percent of Indonesians are willing to pay a premium for green products. The result was revealed by WWF Indonesia Staff Representative Taufiq in Central Jakarta on Monday, September 18.

He claims that the survey result suggests that the awareness of Indonesian people in using environmentally friendly products has improved significantly. However, there are still several elements preventing the society from using the green products.

The survey shows the common reason driving people away from using green products is the general misconception that green products are expensive. Such mindsets can have a negative effect since 73 percent of consumers consider price before deciding to purchase a product.

Taufiq views that there needs to be a massive socialization to change that mindset. “Television has become a source of information for 80 percent of consumers in choosing certain products,” he said today, Sept. 18.

The second cause is the 53 percent unavailability of environmentally friendly products in stores. Meanwhile, the factor influencing 61 percent of society’s decision to use green products is the sense of responsibility it springs by purchasing that product. 52 percent of consumers feel happy and glad for their contribution towards the environment.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2017/09/18/056910387/63-Percent-Consumers-Willing-to-Pay-Premium-for-Green-Products