Cambodia wins lawsuit over European Commission’s decision to revoke tariff preferences for rice imports

Cambodia has won a lawsuit against the European Commission’s decision to revoke the tariff preferences for the import of rice from Cambodia to the European Union.

This is according to a press release received by local news this morning.

According to the Cambodian Rice Federation, in early November 2022, the Kingdom of Cambodia won the case in T-269/19, in which the European Commission imposed tariff restrictions on rice imports from Cambodia to the EU.

The case was filed on April 10, 2019 in a European Union court by the Cambodian Rice Federation, headed by Sok Puthivuth, with international lawyers seeking justice for Cambodia’s rice exports to the EU.

The General Court of the European Union (EU) has ruled that the European Commission’s imposition of tariffs on Cambodian long grain rice in the EU market is illegal and unsubstantiated.