Cambodia: Registrations still open for e-commerce, online business licenses

The Ministry of Commerce announced that it will continue to keep registrations for e-commerce and online business licenses open.

The Ministry released the notification on the registration on the evening of July 7. The notification stated that due to the large number of business people and legal representatives present to apply for the licenses, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to keep it open.

Legal entities, branches, foreign companies and sole proprietorships that conduct e-commerce operations without the permission of the Ministry of Commerce will be faced with fines, as per the law on e-commerce.

People who have a turnover below the taxpayer turnover level may continue to notify the Ministry of Commerce in order to obtain an exemption from the requirement to apply.

The Ministry of Commerce announced the application for a license or e-commerce license on May 26, 2021 and have postponed the collection of penalties for four times for those who failed to apply for the licenses.