Thailand: Bitkub eyes overseas crypto expansion after stellar 2021

Bitkub Online, the country’s leading digital asset exchange, aims to increase its customer base to 7 million and expand its services abroad this year, starting in Southeast Asia.

In a statement, the company said it plans to focus on security and product development to meet users’ needs in 2022 after it enjoyed huge success in 2021, when the surging price of Bitcoin lured more investors to the market. This raised the exchange’s trading value and cemented its position as the largest digital asset exchange in Thailand.

Building on its 2021 success, the company said it aims to expand its customer base to 7 million, bring more than 100 digital assets to list on the exchange, increase the customer satisfaction level to 90%, and expand its services abroad.

Bitkub also plans to tap into the high growth potential of upcoming digital trends such as the metaverse and decentralised game finance by listing digital coins related to these future technologies.

In line with its operational plans and goals, the company is accelerating the recruitment of personnel in customer support, operations, software engineering, IT development and many other related areas. Bitkub wants to enhance the company’s capacity to meet customer needs and provide them with the best experience.

In terms of business expansion, the company plans to penetrate neighbouring markets such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Laos, and is currently studying the feasibility of expanding overseas to improve the company’s competitiveness and build a customer base abroad.

Bitkub said it is determined to improve the safety of its platform and products to protect investors, as well as design innovative products to meet customers’ changing behaviour and demand.