Myanmar: Markets planned at four major cities in Chin State this fiscal year

Plans to build marketplaces as centers for trade in four major cities in Chin State during the 2017-2018 fiscal year are underway, Chin State minister for Electricity, Development, Tourism and Transportation Salai Isaac Khen told The Myanmar Times.

By March 2018, markets will be built in Hakha, Paletwa, Mindat and Khai Kam. The market in Mindat is now 20 percent complete, Salai Isaac Khen said.

The projects are included in the FY2017-18 Budget, but private shop owners have also donated cash for their construction.

“Construction of the markets will be funded by both the government and shop owners. There are not many markets in Chin State now. In fact, construction only began during our term. Markets must be hygienic, safe and of high quality, in accordance with each city’s image. We currently don’t have good markets in Chin State. We will continue constructing in other cities in coming years.” the minister said.

The estimated cost to construct the four markets are K8,000 lakh in Mindat, K8,000 lakh in Hakha, K5,000 lakh in Paletwa and K4,000 lakh in Khai Kam. Tenders have been floated for construction, he added.

In the next fiscal year, markets in Tedim and Kanpetlet cities will also be constructed.

There are 15 cities in Chin State in total, including nine major cities – Falam, Tedim, Tonzang, Hakha, Mindat, Matupi, Kanpetlet, Khai Kam and Thantlang.

There are plans to construct markets in all nine major cities during the government’s current five-year term, Salai Isaac Khen said.

Of the 14 States and Regions of Myanmar, Chin State is the poorest and least-developed.