Laos Ranks 72 in Global Mobile Data Pricing Survey collected and analyzed data from 5,292 individual broadband packages in 233 countries over a four-month period beginning in March and ending in June this year.

The study found that Israel offers the world’s cheapest mobile data, with an average cost of USD 0.04 per one gigabyte (1GB). Saint Helena is the most expensive, with an average package price of USD 41.06 per gigabyte.

Asian nations make up a third of the top 20 cheapest countries for mobile data, with both India (USD 0.17) and Nepal (USD 0.27) in the top ten. Only three Asian countries are more expensive than the global average of USD 3.12 with Japan (USD 3.85), British Indian Ocean Territory (USD 5.00) and South Korea, the most expensive in the region at USD 12.55.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand boasts the cheapest mobile data at just USD 0.38 per gigabyte. Cambodia takes second place, with Malaysia and Indonesia close behind.

The Philippines averages USD 0.52 per gigabyte, while Vietnam and Singapore have similar pricing around the 60-cent mark.

Laos takes 8th position among ASEAN nations, with an average mobile data rate of LAK 15,000 per gigabyte, equalling approximately USD 0.99 at official exchange rates.

Myanmar follows Laos at USD 1.11 per gigabyte, while users in Timor Leste are charged the most, with the average cost at USD 2.16 per gigabyte.

In previous reports, analyzed more than a billion broadband speed tests to rank 224 countries by average internet speed, and revealed the cost of getting online in 220 countries. also analyzed the cost of electricity tariffs in 230 countries.