7-Eleven, Inc. sorts out sole master franchisee conflict in Cambodia

7-Eleven, the world’s largest convenience retailer, signed a master franchise agreement with CP ALL (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., an indirect subsidiary of CP ALL Public Company Limited. Pursuant to that contract, CP ALL is the only master franchisee legally authorized to franchise, open or operate 7-Eleven stores in Cambodia.

Recently, 7-Eleven, Inc. received reports that an unauthorised party has been improperly representing itself as 7-Eleven’s master franchisee in the Cambodian region. CP ALL (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is 7-Eleven’s sole master franchisee in the Cambodian market.

In business development terms, the master-franchising arrangement creates an exclusive franchisor-franchisee relationship through which the master franchisee becomes the sole franchisor for a specified territory or region. Within the designated area, the master franchisee recruits, trains, and provides ongoing support for all authorised sub-franchisees.

The first 7-Eleven store in Phnom Penh is scheduled to open in 2021.