Three Cambodian-Thai district governors committed to boost border cooperation

Three Cambodian and Thai district governors pledged to jointly strengthen good cooperation along the border to increase trade between small businesses in the border districts.

Vuth Tara, Governor of Choam Ksan district, Preah Vihear, Governor of Khantalak district, Sisaket province and Governor of Nam Yeun district, Ubon province of Thailand made the pledge in a closed meeting on 27 August.

Tara expressed his gratitude for the Thai district governors in participating in the Preah Vossa Candle Parade. The Choam Ksan district governor also expressed his gratitude for giving the opportunity to testify to the three District Governors, the Armed Forces, the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Intervention Brigade, in charge of border relations.

Governors of the district and provinces along the Thai-Cambodia border have pledged to continue their efforts to increase cooperation and support cross-border business, especially small businesses. Some border officials have said that it is important that cooperation increase to support small businesses, especially after the pandemic.