Disney-Supported Project to Improve Working Conditions in Laos

A program supported by the Walt Disney Company to improve global working conditions was the center of discussions held Monday between representatives from the United States and Laos.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Vilayphone Xingdavong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade and Policy, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and Ms. Wallis Yu, Director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Office of the United States Trade Representative, and other officials.

The meeting was aimed at continuing discussing various trade issues that Laos and the United States are interested in and to report to the Better Work Program.

The Better Work Program, supported by the Walt Disney Company, is a joint initiative of the UN’s International Labour Organization and the International Finance Corporation focused on increasing awareness among supply chain intermediaries of how to improve working conditions in factories making Disney-branded products around the world.

US Trade Representatives and Lao officials meet at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Vientiane Capital.

Laos and the United States signed Trade and Investment Framework Agreement in 2016 to address bilateral issues, monitor Laos’ implementation of World Trade Organization accession commitments, and coordinate on regional and multilateral issues.

Areas earmarked for American investment in Laos include services, agriculture, consulting, industry, and crafts.

In 2016, the Walt Disney Company confirmed in a statement that it would not be constructing a Disneyworld theme park in Khammouane Province, Laos, after a developer suggested such an investment would take place.