Thailand: Pandemic takes toll on tax collection

The three state tax collection departments have failed to meet their original revenue targets for fiscal 2021 as a result of the severe impact of the prolonged pandemic.

Revenue Department director-general Ekniti Nitithanprapas said the department collected 1.87 trillion baht in fiscal 2021, which ended on Sept 30.

Though the amount exceeds the adjusted target of 1.75 trillion baht, which accounted for the pandemic, it is lower than the original target of 2.09 trillion baht.

For fiscal 2022, the Finance Ministry set a tax collection target of 1.88 trillion baht for the department. The department plans to pursue measures to mitigate the impact of the declining economy for taxpayers, he said.

Excise Department director-general Lavaron Sangsnit said the department fetched 540 billion baht in tax in fiscal 2021, falling short of its original target of 630 billion. The adjusted target for the Excise Department was 550 billion baht.

The government’s lockdown measures to curb infections affected transport activities and public travel, which led to less tax revenue from oil consumption. The department’s main revenue source is the oil excise tax, which accounts for 40% of its total revenue.

Mr Lavaron said the department set a tax revenue target of 597 billion baht for fiscal 2022.

Customs Department director-general Patchara Anuntasilpa said the department collected 102 billion baht in tax in fiscal 2021, below the original target of 104 billion, but higher than the adjusted target of 100 billion. He attributed the higher tally to greater imports of capital goods and general merchandise during the period.

Mr Patchara is confident the department can meet its tax revenue target of 100 billion baht in fiscal 2022.

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2197511/pandemic-takes-toll-on-tax-collection