Philippines: Canned meat supply good for 2 months

MANILA, Philippines — The country’s meat processors have assured the public that supply of canned meat products will be enough for the next two months.

The Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc. said there is an adequate supply of canned meat products, but advised consumers against panic buying and hoarding.

PAMPI vice president Jerome Ong said manufacturers currently have inventory levels that are good for 60 days based on normal demand.

“The plants have about 30 days inventory, plus another 15 to 30 days inventory with the distributors and the retailers. What will deplete stocks faster is the tendency of some people to hoard,” Ong said.

However, PAMPI emphasized the need to eliminate unnecessary delays in the distribution of food and basic commodities in Metro Manila.

The group also asked the national government to immediately resolve logistical concerns on the ground as some shuttles carrying workers and trucks transporting their raw materials and products were not allowed to pass through certain checkpoints despite showing necessary documents and identification.

“We are doing our best to ensure that the country would have sufficient supply of processed meat products, especially during this very challenging time,” Ong said.

The government has already established and separated the food lanes in major entry points to ensure the unimpeded delivery of various food products.

PAMPI said the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Agriculture have been supportive in addressing the needs of the people and listening to the problems of the food manufacturers, supply chain sector as well as the industry’s suppliers.

“We fully understand that checkpoints are strictly enforced to reduce people in the streets but workers in the manufacturing sector must be given exceptions, just like the heath workers in the front lines,” Ong said.