Indonesia has opportunity to expand production of healthcare glass

Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto is saying that business players still have a great opportunity to expand their production of glass products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to supply both domestic and international markets.

He said the government gave strong support to the development of the industry through Presidential Instruction No. 6/2016 on the acceleration of pharmaceutical industry development and healthcare tools and equipment.

“The acceleration of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare equipment aims to improve the competitiveness of our products both in domestic markets and international markets,” said Airlangga while officiating the start of operations of new machines by PT Schott Igar Glass in Cikarang, West Java on Wednesday.

He said that with the operation of two AK 2000 machines, PT Schott Igar Glass could increase its installed production capacity of vials from 540 million to 576 million pieces annually and its installed production capacity for ampules to 775 million pieces annually.

Based on the National Industry Development Masterplan (RIPIN) 2015-2015, the government gave high priority to the development of healthcare equipment, the minister said.

He said the growth of the medical equipment market was seen in a 4.46 percent growth of pharmaceutical products in 2018. “With a population of about 260 million, Indonesia needs various pharmaceutical products like vaccines, medicines and so on,” Airlangga said.

PT Schott Igar Glass is the main producer of vials and ampules to meet domestic demand with a market share of 70 percent and exports its products to 20 countries in Asia and Europe, he said, adding that nationally Indonesia exported 2,500 tons of vials and ampules in 2018 for total earnings of US$17 million. (bbn)