Indonesia: Apindo calls on government to cancel negative investment list policy

The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) has called on the government to cancel its revision of the negative investment list (DNI), which is part of the 16th economic policy package announced on Monday.

“It would be better to review the DNI policy because there is no urgency. If we don’t need it, it is should be withdrawn,” Apindo chairman Haryadi Sukamdani said on Thursday as quoted by

The 16th economic policy package excludes 54 business units from the DNI to attract more investors. Under the policy, the government would allow foreign investors to have full ownership in 25 business units.

Previously, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) called on the government to delay implementing the new policy.

Haryadi said foreign investors were not interested in running business units that were removed from the DNI because those businesses had been implemented by local businesspeople.

He also expressed his disappointment that the government would not cancel the new DNI. He said it indicated that the government did not want to listen to businesspeople’s aspiration.

He further argued that in 2016, the government had removed 67 percent of the business units on the negative investment list.

“I think this policy is enough,” he added. (bbn)