China Re-issues Mangosteen Export Permit for Indonesia

TEMPO.COJakarta -The Chinese Government has allowed Indonesia to export mangosteen to China after the fruit commodity was banned for four years due to the lack of quality standards.

“As of January, China issued a new regulation stating that we can export mangosteen again,” said Ad-Interim Indonesia chargé d’affaires for China Listyowati on Wednesday, January 10.

She said that the mangosteen protocol was ratified by the Agricultural Quarantine Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and China’s quarantine agency (AQSIQ) on December 11.

According to Listyowati, the new policy is positive news for Indonesia in the country’s attempt to improve its trade with China.

Trade Attaché of the Indonesia Embassy in Beijing, Dandy Satria Iswara stated that Indonesia’s last mangosteen export to China in 2013 only generated a revenue of US$93,000, unlike in 2012 where it reached US$36 million.

“Our mangosteen export in 2012 was the highest, our market share in China was 18.84 percent,” he said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2018/01/10/056914721/China-Re-issues-Mangosteen-Export-Permit-for-Indonesia