Cashew growers share experiences to help Cambodia become world’s largest exporter of cashew nuts

A group of cashew farmers in Stung Treng province came together to share experiences on how to maintain a high yield at harvest in the coming years, which would make Cambodia the largest exporter of cashew nuts in the world, like what  the Premier had urged.

During a meeting with members of the cashew farming community on maintenance techniques in Sre Krasaing village, Siem Bok district, Stung Treng province, Tumni Ro, Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, confirmed that farmers currently receive training in planting techniques – fruit trees – and many other industrial crop.

He added that farmers need to apply this technique in the production of compost, fertilizer and other care, and also to learn from each other’s experience to make the crop to the good results, and leading to the achievement of the Royal Government’s goal is to make Cambodia a cashew emperor.

Sen Piseth, the owner of the cashew plantation at Phnom Krahorm in Sre Krasaing commune, Siem Bok district, he has experience in caring for cashews to get good results  started that after the harvest, and for 90 to 100 days from May, we prune by cutting old branches to enable new branches to sprout.

“Apart from that, fertilizer should be applied when it starts to rain at the beginning of the season to encourage it to flower in November and can be harvested in early February, when the weather does not affect the cashew crop,” he said.