Cambodia: Kingdom needs to improve employee branding strategies

Human resource industry leaders have stated Cambodian businesses need to improve their employer branding to attract the best and brightest in the Kingdom and from abroad. Employer branding is generally known to lend employers a reputation as a place to work.

Employer branding brings benefits to a company through marketing, job advertising and employee experience, said Paula Nicolas a managing partner at HRINC (Cambodia). Speaking at a seminar reporting on the Employer Branding Survey on yesterday in Phnom Penh, she said: “If the brand is known, people will apply to your company faster.”

Operating since 2005, the company has been specialising in human resources and focuses on recruiting, outsourcing, HR consulting and labour complaints.

To improve a company brand, the HRINC Annual Employer Branding Survey’s first step is to understand how a company’s employees and the broader labour market are perceived. “The survey is rich in understanding employer engagement and what makes a company brand attractive,” Nicolas said.

Members of the audience listen at the seminar fiven by HRINC Managing Partner Paula Nicolas. KT/Pry Nehru

“If there is no report, how will a company know what to provide as a competitive benefit and salary to its employees? Maybe if it pays too much then the company is not going to make enough revenue or if it pays too little there might be a reason for the employee to leave,”

“Benefits and salaries have to be right so we are here to support our clients and we have the data that is going to help our client to provide a better position for their employee,” she explained.

Nicolas believes that according to get the best people from the market pool, these tips should be taken into account: aligning company values with people’s personal beliefs, creating synchronicity between company goals and people’s quality of life and attaining engagement by creating a people-first company brand.