Up to 20 Myanmar enterprises are reportedly relocating to Kampong Speu province

The crisis in Myanmar has proven beneficial for Kampong Speu as at least 20 entities have relocated to this province.

The governor of Kampong Speu, Vy Samnang  said that the 20 companies have relocated from Myanmar and have been looking for various investment opportunities.

Some companies, he said, have decided to lease land while others are looking for suitable locations to invest as well.

Samnang added that most of the companies that decided to invest in Cambodia were garment, bag and shoe producers.

So far, two companies have rented factories to operate, some have land for investment and some are looking for a location.

He added that Kampong Speu province is proud to attract many new investors, in fact, now investors from China are also setting up operations there.

Four enterprises, he stressed, have already opened operations and some companies are looking for a suitable time to come and study certain aspects to invest in the province and that this is expected to materialise once the Covid-19 situation has improved. especially after the situation of the spread of Covid-19 disease has improved.